Sunday, June 22, 2014

An open Letter to the Government to Save Zouk....#savezouk...

To Whoever it Concern,
I understand there are pressure from many residents around Zouk to force Zouk out of its current premises. And the opportunity now as they are about to renew their lease. I would like you to help keep it there. I understand it is a tall order. But sit down and weigh the pros and cons.

The pros:
  • You will get rid of all the rubbish, noise kids, and drinking problems all at once. (this may not happened as there are 2 shops across the road in Holiday Inn selling cheap alcohol)
  • The residents will have quieter and peaceful night.
  • You too will have a peaceful day and those residents will be grateful to you and probably vote for you in the next elections.
  • The govt may have a quick lump sum of money into the national vault.

The cons:
  • Singapore will lose an iconic nightspot which is world known, and an icon that put Singapore in the Entertainment Map in the world.
  • Lots of Singaporeans will be jobless. (Aren’t you guys are trying to create more jobs?)
  • People especially the youngster will not vote for you in the next election. (Not just you but they are spread around Singapore, reason is not that you close Zouk, read on)
  • One lesser place that allow the youngster to have fun. (You would rather they have fun then causing trouble. If you realised, there is only fights that don’t cause serious injuries as compared to Orchard Cinileisure Slashing case, Downtown East Gang Fight that left a NS MAN DEAD.)
  •  Taxi drivers will have a drop of income as they will have 1 less destination to pick up and to drop customers/ the volume of crowd for nightlife will drop on a whole. As all the existing nightspot location can only hold that many people and they are pretty packed. So closing Zouk means partygoers will have 1 lesser place to go to, which means every week we will have close to 10000 people spending on taxi per party nights.
  • Singaporeans especially the youngster will failed the happy index.
  • For an unknown fact that Zouk has been constantly doing charity works like Chinese New Year lunch for the old folks staying in Tanjong Pagar Area, with the closure, this will probably stop this and the many charity works that they are doing.
  •  With the closure of Zouk, means the end of Zouk-Out which draw in at least 15 000 tourists or more during last year event. (PS even the ex-Foreign Minister George Yeo was at Zouk Out with his daughter)
  •  A backward move for Singapore Government who wanted to be an arts hub and entertainment capital of the world. (Which in turn we can’t trust the government as they don’t know what they want. Today you said you want A, Tomorrow you said you want B so what do you really want?)
  •  A social network place where people meet real life as compared to cyber space. I have known many people who met their spouse in Zouk. Proposed in Zouk. Got married and living happily. 
The argument:
-          How many clubs in Singapore actually made it to the top 10 in World? (currently Zouk is No. 7 in the world and constantly in top 10 in the last 5 years)

-          2007 – 10
-          2008 – 11
-          2009 – 13
-          2010 – 10
-          2011 – 09
-          2012 – 05
-          2013 – 05
-          2014 – 07

These are the results are taken from UK DJ MAG which is the leading magazine for DJ and Clubs.

We look at a few clubs in Singapore that almost as big as Zouk in the last few years.

Ministry of Sound -> Zirca -> Dream
  • Closed in 2008.
  • Replaced by Zirca Mega Club (Closed in 2013)
  • Replaced by Dream
  • Not even in Top 100

  • Moved to the current location at One Fullerton in 2009.
  • Been a “growing” club but has it hit the heights of Zouk?
  • Not even in Top 100

Stats shown that even though these 2 clubs are considered the next biggest in Singapore they are nowhere near what Zouk have achieved. You will argue that these clubs are young thus unable to make it as big as Zouk but take a look most clubs open and close pretty fast in Singapore approx. 3 to 5 years. Along the way we have St James Power House which unfortunately closed too. If we want to attract foreign talents into Singapore, nightlife is one factor that they consider. We claimed that we welcome tourists but if the other 2 nightspots can’t even match up to Zouk, do you think we still can attract them? Can we build up another institution for partying that can hold world class DJs? We had the privilege of having Dash Berlin, Avcci, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, of whom are world class DJs right at our door steps, which club in Singapore can do it? All these you may not know them but they bring in lots of tourist when they are here. On hand stats also shown that we had about 14 million tourist a year. It will be approx. 1.2 mil a month. Of whom many came to Singapore to party in Zouk, do you think they come here to see the Merlion? Here to shop? Seriously we aren’t the cheapest around in the region. When you ask a tourist, many will tell you Zouk is a must go before you leave the Singapore. Even for the many US Navy sailors go to Zouk whenever their Aircraft Carrier is docking in Singapore. I have spoken to many sailors, marines from US and they said that they are so glad that their vessels operate in Pacific as they can go to Zouk when they are in Singapore. Some even shared with me before that they are so happy that they got a weekend pass so that they can party in Zouk. Some of their friends missed the opportunities as they have to be on duties. So are we expected to see a potential drop in tourists to Singapore?

The pros of lesser tourists:
  •  Singapore will be last packed, be it on the train or even on our shopping belt.

The cons:
  •   Lesser money flowing in to Singapore, start from airport tax to hotel to shopping even to taxes.
The resident complaint about the litter and rowdy crowd during party nights.
My question to the residents:
  •  Do you know your house is near Zouk when you buy it?
  •  Do you guys really KNOW the root cause of the drinking problems?

First of all, do you know your house is next to Zouk or was near Zouk, a world known club that has been around for 23 freaking years? When Zouk started, none of the condos or hotel laid a single foundation yet and you guys are trying to force them out? You guys know what you are in for and complaint about it like a spoilt brad.

Secondly, Zouk is not the real cause of the problem like what the many of my member of the parliament said out to be. The real cause of the problem is that there are 2 shop across the road in Holiday Inn selling alcohol dirt cheap, example a bottle of Chivas cost $49.90. With alcohol this cheap, it allows many students and the younger crowd to have access to more alcohol without control, thus more drank folks. If the 2 shops are not allow to sell alcohol this cheap, I believe the crowds will cut by half or even more. Why? After a night of observation, most of the drinking crowd bought the alcohol from the shops across the road and drink at the bridge or fountain area.  Probably 1 or 2 groups brought their duty-free alcohol from home. Those who litter the place did they buy their alcohol from Zouk? It is easy to blame just because they are heading to Zouk.

We all learned that those rowdy behaviour aroused from drinking too much alcohol and most of the time these kids acted under the influence of alcohol. If people said they are unaware that this is happening, take a quick check.

It was reported in my paper in 07 Jan 2011 that titled “Cheap booze draw youth” that the authorities knew about the problems, the sources of the problem. But the question is did they do enough to stop it? Or letting it escalate further? From my observation that Zouk send its own cleaners to clean up the mess left by those who don’t even buy alcohol from them. I don’t even see the presence of authorities in the area. Wait a minute, didn’t we have a fine system in place for those who are caught littering. So why can’t we send some people to fine those who left their rubbish after they finished drinking? But is fining the only way? How about educating these young people? Have we done enough is always the question. It is easy to have the blame game. So what next? If Zouk really moved out. The problems still continues, then who do you blame? Now at least there are people cleaning it up. If Zouk moved out NO-ONE will clean up. And trust me the problems will still be there even after Zouk moved out when their supplies is so near.

If you think it is ok to close, take a look at #savezouk which was start by a UK DJ magazine. which have tonnes of people petitioning against the closure of Zouk. In less than 10 hours it has about 5000 people in it. 500 per hour. This means something.
Zouk is not just a club. It is home to many people. Some people can tell you that it is just for the young people from 18 – 25.But it is a club that caters from the youngest of 18 years old to the younger people of 20s to 30s to the young people of 40s n beyond.

To us the clubbers/ partygoers Zouk is like what a Merlion means to Singaporean (although some or most people don’t really care about the Merlion).  It is like moving Merlion out of its current location or best destroy it. The art scene in Singapore will definitely suffer on a whole. Let it stay, don’t move our “Merlion” out of the current location.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Foreign Talents...?

This was a super long overdue post that i just realised i didnt hit the publish button...enjoy guys...

The issue of ANZ hiring and firing came into question recently by TRS...the articles written by less then credible Mr. Gilbert Goh. My question to Mr. Gilbert, do you really hate them so much that you can cook up some stories, used women, as your weapon to create mass panic..?

We talk about ANZ being racist, I think Gilbert is the one being racist here. First you dont see pass the fact that foreign talent from other countries and their contribution for the economy on a whole you complained first. Second instead of learning from the FTs (maybe they do have something to offer) you complained. Thirdly you cant get a girl, you blame it on the FTs, instead of first look at what you dont have...maybe you have a shorter...hmm...sorry family blog cannot mention the kids reading ah....All I see is you complained and whined like a crybaby

If you guys still say we hate FTs..ok I throw you guys a few problem..

JJ Lin and let say Kanye West holding a concert in Singapore at the same time with the same pricing ticket...who would you go to watch?

Liverpool Football Club...they were here in 2007 werent they? Playing against Singapore...
Sure the whole stadium was packed with Red...supporting Liverpool instead of Singapore..Maybe it is a club then lets say..Singapore against the Brazilian Soccer Team...70-80% of the stadium supported...yes you are our own NATIONAL STADIUM...what a joke right...

Hardwell the top DJ in the world for 2013 and let say...DJ Andrew Chow (considered the legend of Singapore DJ) spinning at a club with the same entrance fee..which is most likely to sold out..? You guys should know it.

And lets say...Singapore very own smartphone iNo (one of the first non-camera smartphone) and iphone (the camera removed version) which one will you choose..?

Do you use more banking service from DBS/POSB or CItiBank, UOB, Maybank, OCBC,etc...?

If you claim you hate the FTs with such patriotic in you blood you would say, JJ Lin, I would support Singapore, and i would support DJ Andrew Chow. You would support LOCAL and not overseas people...

Let see why people hate the FTs...first of all..our jobs have been taken away...hmm...what the other guy have and you dont? A lot of time we take the easy way out and it seems to be a way of life in Singapore...we complain..the easiest way out. It has been long that kids in Singapore are being programmed to like NOT THINK out of the box. Especially the strawberry generation. Spoon fed, for everything...we were taught in school dont know ask. Got problem, ask. But have anyone actually tried solving the problem yourself before heading out to ask for help.? But then you will say it is my way of solving the problem. but without researching on the problem and start asking for help equal to being spoon fed. This attitude is causing us to lose our competitive edge. Be it first to complain take a look at yourself. If you dont identify the root of the cause the cycle will just go on and on and on...and of course if you dont support locals, they will go out of Jobs quit whining about wah FTs taking away my job when you yourself is taking away other people job...

Foreign Talent be it good or bad they are here to stay regardless what we do..we can be keyboard warrior all the time infront laptop or computer in our comfort of our own home or guys whine and complained here and there, but are you guys doing anything about it..? Vote gahmen out...? Sorry ah it happens once every 5 how many 5 yrs do you have..? Choose to upgrade yourself make yours stand out more then the so call FTs...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Naughty Purple Light...

Purple Light ah purple light...indeed you have made a lot of people angry and sad over the passed 1-2 weeks..first of all it cause an outrage, especially fighting fit Singaporean male who had when through 30mths of National Service for the slightly older folks and 22-24mths for the slightly younger folks...Purple Light a song commonly sang during route march with lyrics which speaks of the bits and pieces of experience that any servicemen go through...many like the song as it is something that they can relate to...was BANNED by MinDef...reason behind it...? AWARE complained about the lyrics..well i do want to give credit to AWARE for bringing the matters to MinDef for the lyrics as it is unbecoming of a soldier to go around raping people.

SAF 8 Core Value
Loyalty to Country
Fighting Spirit
Care for Soldier

As you can see above the core values of SAF...Soldier should be discipline in all aspect of life.,,go around raping people is committing a crime thus where is the discipline..? But where as many reports goes out instead of saying the lyrics was indicated the whole song was banned..thus a barrage of unkind comments was directed to AWARE...

Well when many of these website that carries the story wasnt clear in the indication of lyrics that was banned especially when some carries the title...MINDEF BANNED NSFS FROM SINGING "PURPLE LIGHT" BECAUSE THE LYRICS ARE DEGRADING TOWARDS WOMEN...Many a times many people read only the headlines, titles and really missed out the content and thus caused a little misunderstanding thus AWARE getting lots of flak..


Im happy that AWARE made a response to clarify the misunderstanding..but after reading it...something caught my guys or rather ladies are doing tai chi...First of ladies doesnt feel bad for causing the uproar and then point finger at the negative comments given to you people...then pointed out that you have told the media that only specific lyrics was banned and then to  MEN who has completed NS pointed out to you about the AWARE is not at fault in this case. Well i believe you people may not be at fault but remember you are on a going into a PR deep shit...instead with that letter that defend yourselves i see excuses and reason to try to wipe your ass but more shit will just add on..first the letter is full of would have been better if you start the letter with..a more apologetic tone then point out the different doing so you will definitely win many people who condemn you over to your side..but what you did..? Go out with your gun blazing..shooting at every single person to tell them it wasnt your fault it is the media, the NSmen fault and such..piece of advice...go get a better PR person to draft better letters that will help the organization and not some person that draft a letter that do more harm then good to the organization..and someone who can control her(i assume you dont hire guys) emotion better..

Note: Im neither with AWARE nor am I supporting AWARE..Just stating the facts

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The real reason why local girls dont want to go for local guys..?

This article is writen in response to Gilbert Goh blog incorrigible post on ... click here to read his...

Dear Gilbert Goh...I was reading your blog post...basically it wasted 10mins of my time to read and understand the post...well your intention was not in the what you have mention in the title why local girls dont go for local guys but it is a post aiming at condemning foreigners working in Singapore or the so called FT..correct me if im the way...during is spelled as D-U-R-I-N-G and not D-U-R-I-B-G...well let me introduce something interesting as spelling check..where it can help even F9 english student like yours truly....ME to spell well...

Next, I read 3 times to kind of understand what you want tried to bring across better structure on your sentencing ok..anyway your content on your male local guys unable into a relationship..even thot they tried looking...looking at what? Porn? Be specific in what you trying to bring across..ok enough of trying to be an English police more towards your comments...your friend unable to get into put the blame on work...but is it the real problem? You mention that they are working on dead end jobs like taxi driver or selling insurance...or some daily rated have they tried upgrading their skills..? And with the foreign influx how does it affect the wages..? Enlighten me and yes I do agree that with more foreigner talent it does make the job a bit more competitive but with a little obstacles you start to complain you start to whine about basically just sit down on the spot and said it is all their fault they hire more FT then deprive me of promotion and yada yada...and act like a spoilt is point number 1 why Singaporean girls dont go for Singaporean problems blame others...what about themselves?

Now point number 2...Singapore a money country? Wait money where I dont see them...oooo...wait wait let me put 5 dollars on the floor n stand on im in money wait are you trying to say materialistic?  Gosh so sorry...let me keep my 5 dollars are saying that local girls are materialistic but arent the men too? Let me ask you...ifyou can afford would you go for iphone or 7-11 phone? Cherry QQ or BMW 6 series? G2000 shirt or some pasar malam shirt? Guess you will choose iphone..BMW and I right? So dont call be a pot calling the kettle black....

Next you mention that we dont earn enough without proper education...well i agree to a certain extent that our education system may not be fantastic but let me enlighten you that i have tonnes of friends who go through local education and they are high flying in their career....was it necessary to go to university..? Anyway that is not the point you claimed that 23% of primary school cohort go to university...wait which year and which cohort..where you get the stats from..? And let me educate you a little tertiary education include polytechnic which we had 5..and even ITE and on top of that we have many private education like kaplan, mdis and many more..providing university come on before you say we arent given opportunity to study...

I have a friend who go to a local neighbourhood primary school to local neighbourhood secondary school...local institution (3years to A Level)....not Junior Collage...never go to University...yet he is earning more then most undergrads who had gone to overseas university...and yes...he is selling insurance that you kind of the way he is getting married at the end of the year to a LOCAL did he do it..? Hard-working and positive mind set..and it just sum up to 1 word....ATTITUDE...if you have a good can achieve a lot but if you choose to whine like a spoilt brat so be it...Overseas education maybe more well balanced then ours but is grass really greener on the other side? 

You claim that all ang moh speak perfect English..and they can hold their conversation...hey dude that is stereotyping....let me educate you a little....i can speak to anyone...any moment...and speak about anything under the sun..why..? Read aware of situation around you...gain more general knowledge on things...sports, information technology, showbiz, politics...if you realised most Singaporean guys nowadays only talk about....NS, Soccer, girls...and let see...that about it...thus unable to hold solid conversation...they have to start to recognize these problems...n being a is something we need to starts from the family...

So..u felt intimidated when a women come to pick you up in a car while on a date...hmm...are you a MCP..? Wait do you understand that...? Let me break it up for you...means you are a Male Chauvinist Pig. Do i feel any lesser then the women who are better educated then me..? No..! By the way im armed with only a diploma..not how do i hold myself among them...? It is call are your greatest tell can do it and you will do it..the seed of what does fear means..? Fear means false evidence appearing why do you de-value yourself just because you are not highly educated..? Not from an overseas universtiy..? So what..? You are who you are made different from the person next to why compare..? The more you compare arent you are suck into the vicious cycle of life...? Money is never contented with what you have...if you want to get more...upgrade..upgrading of skills..invest time and put in effort if you think you cant make it...instead of whining...take that time to upgrade and read more...educate yourself..

Getting married..well many local guys have problems..and what is it..? Small social how.? Dare not step out of the turtle shell..because why low self esteem...dare not go for speed dating...dare not go to dating programmes..come on there are many programmes out there to help singles expand their social circle even there are tonnes of handphone apps like Okcupid, paktor, and a few more to help singles to get to know others....then here comes another problem...eee..they not pretty...not the kind of girls i am looking for...the true is...we are too nowadays cant look passed looks...thinking looks is everything..what matters most is what you have inside..character, values, Point number are who you one can de-value you..only chest up look straight and display some confidence in yourself...
End of the day you complain n whine...problems still there..? Yes! Does it go away? No! Instead of sitting on the floor and drag out your keyboard to be a keyboard warrior but tried doing something more constructive? Like ask yourself the question..what do that guy have and I do not have..? And work on it? With this kind of spoilt brat attitude you will not get any girls...lets watch a video...

See? Pastor Nick is someone who was born without limbs...did he let his disability stop him from starting a family? No! So are you any lesser then him? No! If your intention is for Singaporean guys to get attached and such STOP PLANTING SEED OF FEAR IN presenting false evidence here...and starts by showing how they can improve themselves...


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bald or wear a wig...

Good day folks, it is a start of a wonderfully short week, well this post is a response to an article that I have read on Straits Times on "3 girls who shaved head bald for charity told to wear wigs to school by principal" this article really caught my eyes..Well first of all lets take a look at what did the girls do?

First of all...the girls went for the Hair for Hope which is Children's Cancer Foundation signature fundraising event. It serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. For such a meaningful event, we see the inflexible of the Singapore's Schools. Lets take a look at the event..lots of people are questioning...why shave..? Well it is to raise awareness and to let those cancer suffering kids to know that it is ok to go bald..and it will still looks good.  

My question to St Marg principal...yes i agreed that the students should don a wig since they have promised to do is the school original stance that irk me..So by making the girls wear a wig..does that defeat the purpose..? What are you thinking...? Let me see...this is your stand..The school's rules do not allow "punk, unfeminine or sloppy hairstyles". Said principal Marion Tan: "It's very clear in our mission: it's about their turnout as a young lady.-source Straits Times. 

So what is a young lady...? In bible context since you guys are a mission you feel that being bald is not lady it is by whose standard..? the world standard or God's standard..? In the gospel Matthew 7:1-2 " Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you" and in Romans 12:2 " Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of you mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will." - both from NIV version. In the bible it clearly stated that we as christians, we dont judge..and dont conform to the world standards...but over here you have used the world standard to gauge that your students are not going to be lady fact you have produce fantastic young ladies who CARE about the world...they are in fact living out...Matthew 5:13-16, Salt and light..That their simple actions are actually glorifying our father in heaven..but by asking them to don a are telling them it is WRONG to join the how to be salt n light...?

I understand that the school worried about the fact that students may make use of this opportunity to go bald...but hey..this is a case by case...these girls are not doing it deliberately to challenge the system you have put in place...but for the greater if you keep being so inflexible in your future actions, well i guess you will suffer more flaming...and im glad that you have reverse the action on donning the wig..but it is by mass public reactions... 

And to those who still feel that the girls should don a wig...just becoz they have promised...well you are not wrong too...but hey..what is the charity all about...? Showing awareness..if donning a to show awareness right...

And yes the final parting shot to the educators out are in place to educate the right values to the kids under you want to create a society of robots who only say yes sir yes sir..? then we will not have future for our kids or our future generation will only get squarer n squarer..with zero creativity it looks super bleak now...if you have the heart for our future...look at what you are teaching and prepared to bend a bit for the right cause...Happy holidays...


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Child care..hmm..

Well in the recent light of child abuse..especially in child is under the care of school or places we called child care centre..where it supposed to be a safe haven for them..yet they are being abuse..and thank god for the inventor of cctv where we catch the teacher in her pickaboo moment..which spark off a series of chain mines..but before that..lets rewind and go back to 2012..Punggol East by-election..the issues by various residents and highly used by many parties..YES...Child lets take a look at child care problem and see if there is a link...

First..the raising cost of child care...dont we so love it is always a good start with money...a quick check with child care are expected to pay around 100 to 600 depending on how much you can afford and where you want to send your kid to...many parents have been saying child care are getting more and more expensive thus they are finding it hard to make ends meet with the raising cost on bread and butter..with our salary hardly how do we send kids to child before all of you hit the like button..which I dont have..lets take a look at a typical day of a kid in child care...

Now you see it..they are feed..being educated..having fun with other kids..but the question is..where does the child care find the money to pay for the food..? To teaching materials for your princes n princesses..? And where do they find the money to hire the people that supposed to take care and educate your kids..? So many will go by aiyah we pay a lot every month..but if you actually pool the amount is not a lot considering that the amount of bills they are paying electrical, food, educators, etc..the upkeep of a child care centre isn't cheap..

Now you are thinking right..? So lets take a look at where we can cut doubt you would want to feed your kids crap..not crab I dont think we can deduct from there...hmm so lesser work for you guys send them to child care centre to be educated at the same time someone looking after them while you are at I dont think you will want to be short change here..if not they might end up losing to other kids when they go kindergarten or even primary we reach the final component that can deduct child care teachers..yeah..aren't they do this job becoz of passion for kids...hmm...they dont mind taking home lesser pay right..WRONG..come on you people child care teachers are some people that we took for granted..and yet you guys want their pay to be deducted goodness...many people I know cant earn enough and ended up leaving the industry due to the ever raising cost and their salary indeed NOT moving..they are your kid next best friend you are at work everyday other then weekends..they are human too they have their families to feed too..can they just sustain on passion alone? Many of them maybe stressed up inside yet you dont maybe the spark that the kid did..that spark off a series of chain reaction from the educator? Do you know that childcare teachers are one of the least appreciated educators..? They get puke on..scolded by parents for the most nitty gritty things like..why my son got bitten by most be laughing at it but it is true..I have heard stuff like this from my friends in the fact some parents leave the parenting espect to the educators...or even, ipad just to name a in this period of time cut some slack n take a step back...n remember they are humans too and they are doing something that you are dont whine n complain something you cant do or wouldnt hope this set u guys thinking...thank you..


Thursday, July 04, 2013

Singapore Men Attitude Sucks Part II

Well..this is the 2nd part of the Singaporean Men attitude Sucks...this is the continuation of the post 3years ago...wait GOSH it was THAT LONG...

Anyway, now let see..I wanted to write this post because of the inspiration from the previous 2 post..yes..people it is the now super duper famous RJ who gave me the idea or rather it is HIS OPPONENT who gave me the idea..well as we all know that the issues is now over...but it is the way how this lets call him Ben-guy act and reacted make me worry about the next generation of they will grow up into..

First of all...lets see, well after the so call battle, the refusal to shake your opponent's hand, is a sign of dis-respect, not just to yourself but to the sports or the movement or the streets that you claim to represent..after that, you came to him and wanted to battle again...knowing you have the advantage by surrounding him with your gin-gang and started to scream and shout like an idiot shows that you are a sore loser...after which old man thinks that you will hands what Joey had told RJ...But someone send me a PICTURE OF YOUR FACEBOOK POST....

Seriously man...I was pretty awe by you...first...your refusal to comment on the first battle you have with RJ...why...? You lost..? I think so..from my view...but your post STRESSED on the second battle after you act like a mad man..and it is NOT FACTUAL...wait i give you the benefit of doubt you are MIS-INFORMED..? First RJ SAID you dis-respected dance when you dis-respected yourself...why dont you mention is the dis-respected dance and is a fact...why dont you mention here...o...people will will not look good...HMMM...

I know I know...this post is supposed to make your ego feels better right...and continue to flame RJ right...dont hide...old man can see..So this post is so call protect your ego...painful right losing to a nobody...Im sure it hurts...old man been through it..Ah the look at your dont look to be in your 10s or even should be well in your 30s...why do you keep acting like a small kid...? It saddens me...well..if we keep having man in their 30s acting like teenagers, with ego that needed to be protected..I will see a very serious issue when we are out number by the FTs..Singaporean men keep saying we cant find a wife...must go China, Vietnam etc..because they have better attitude...look we have a classic acting like a kid..if man complain about women attitude what about women..? They cant complain about us..? But good thank you fans for coming is thankful..

If I'm the only one saying it well it is my fault...but a quick check with a owner of a now defunct dance studio, someone who knows this Ben-guy, mention he had serious attitude problem..

Saving Grace, this whole incident, I saw the sincere heart of RJ standing up admitting his mistake, braving all critics, showing and be a man...this is the kind of attitude we are going to look at stand up to be counted...and this is worth mentioning..It take a man to fight...IT TAKE A GREATER MAN to WALK AWAY from a Fight..Lets pray and hope that there will be more RJs then Ah BEN...Cheers.....


Friday, June 28, 2013

News flash....

News flash....just witness myself at phuture singapore...seems that RJ did better then Ben..haha..sorry as a bystander and someone among the crowd...come on are someone a got to dont even deserved to be known as a I seen after the dance off was call off by the bouncers you still refused to shake your opponent hand shows that you got no respect for dance itself..yes RJ disrespected the dance scene and you...disrespected the sports...or something that Kai mention not a sports...but a just disrespected it totally and if im a dancer I will not even respect you..

You are good but you just need your attitude to be what you can shake your body to be frank but you dont dance as good as RJ after I did a quick check with neutrals around the dance cant even beat his matrix...come on..yours basic moves are good...his basic move might not be as good...but his finishing moves or whatever you call it was crazy...and to be dancing in front of so many or your so call friends he did much better then you as 70-80% out here is to dishonor him..It seems like a POPULARITY CONTEST then a DANCE guys are simply JUST want to diss him to make your HURT ego feels better...and I did a quick check with some dancers...they too felt Ben had lost it..Yeah Ben you are wise...RJ beat you with his 3 sets...or maybe would consider 2...

A view by Mr. M, " It was so obvious that he tried to diss the fat boy with his blah move, I was kind of yawning when he is doing his stuff..Any FOOLS can do what he did, Hence my boredom.. That fool turn the dance battle into a popularity contest.. and it is kinda sad, at least he could've done was shake the fat boy hand..instead he behaved like a prissy little bitch..I arent got no respect for them..False Pride...he arent doing nothing I havent seen before, thats for sure..People without substance, thats why he brought back up..." 

Another view by a dancer Mr. A, " RJ was good but a little off beat, but he was slightly better then Ben as Ben choose to go and disrespect RJ, yet RJ is giving his best with a clearly injured leg...and I have never seen a Singaporean do the matrix...then laid flat down and do a total reverse of was like does he got a back-bone..? Or did he gave to Hello Kitty.."

Another view by a retired dancer, whom I happened to know..."RJ did a good job"

By Mr. Cal, "RJ was simply awesome."

The rest of your click or I assume...Most of them said this..."Ben simply diss that guy like what he said he would.."

See Mr. M did echo a few personal point of view of mine in the previous post...dancers without substance..will always worried about how people view about them..If you are good you are good...why worried...basically his EGO WAS HURT the way when I heard him shouting at RJ...which he firmly displayed it...stop maybe thrash talking...but it is was so was Ben was a joke...

Sorry Joey, I want to believe what you have said...but it seems that the current problems is on Ben and not on RJ...Do a quick maybe defending he is your teacher....which i overheard the idiot shouting it..So it is good...but you need to evaluate is it worth it...I read what is on Ben profile...Sorry it was something you said it is between you, Ben and RJ..but it seems that Ben keep wanting to stir shit and keep stirring and keep stirring..correct me if im what to increase his popularity...he was a disgrace and didnt act as a Professional...he teach dance am i right...So i guess can classified him as a professional dancer? Now seeing what he did...he acted like a SMALL old is he...? 16..? His reaction is what my nephew would if you are telling me that the whole dance community acts like that...then the whole dance community is a small boy mentality that needs to grow up...your scene is not the only scene in the world if you guys keep saying it is ok...then fine stay that way...and keep living in your lala land and stay there...streets what streets? SESAME STREETS???


Sunday, June 23, 2013

PRO - Dancers??

Well it came to light as I witness something interesting on a friend's friend who got into some issue with the dance community and i found it rather interesting and got myself humour by it. Well it all started by the friend, lets call him RJ. He made a comment on that he felt he should have joined the dance competition as he felt he is good enough to take on the guys n gals he seen during the semi-final of R16 dance competition, thus he started to post that he can take on those guys with apparently it got the community upset as he wasnt part of the community in the first place. And the feel it is not right for him to make those insensitive comments. So some flaming started by the dance community, which I find it super funny.

Well, on one side we have an amateur dancer who just injured his leg (thus 1 leg dancing) and on the other hand, we have a bunch of pros complaining that he had dis-respected them and they started to challenge him to dance. Well the disturbing fact that got my attention was how did a bunch of pros get upset by a comment or a few comments. I mean if you are good, do you really care what other says..? People with really talents and skills dont really care about how others feel about them. So are the pros scared of him...or they simply have no confidence in themselves in what they can do..? Or was it in the culture of the dance community that have this attitude that no one is better them or is their ego hurt by his comments? Everyone is entitled their own comments their own view. So why get upsets by his comments..? Why i dont understand? I mean famous people out there got negative comments all the are they going to challenge every single one out there who give them negative comments..? Actors, actress, footballers, football managers, sports person, djs, music producers, singers they got it all the time...SO what make these pro dancers SO is becoz it is the first time someone actually say it to their face or are they having self denial..? It is a freaking kid mentality...come on...someone say something bad to you, something you dont like..then you felt hey I need to get back at this is SOOOOOOOOOOO look like something i will see in a primary school playground...Gosh...if you have been joining competition here and there...working as an dance instructor..Using dance to earn a living, it make you a HAVE SOME PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE.... God please save these kids..

And you know something...that guy RJ actually apologize as he didnt mean to offend anyone or discredit or disrespect any people just that his command of english maybe bad...with bad phrasing n bad choices of words, the meaning of his original intention became somewhat misinterpreted n he is sorry about it and he did post an apology but all the PROS say he is not sincere keep wanting to challenge him. SO are they scared of him..? Or is it their pride is hurt. Either way RJ should get his ass whack when the battles is on. Or will we see an fairy tale ending? No matter how I look at this, the Pros is on the losing can win the dance battle, but you will never be the better person as RJ admits his mistake as a MAN, and the PRO dancers just keep whining as a kid. It looks BAD ON THE WHOLE DANCING COMMUNITY...these PRO poppers / lockers...i have no idea what it meant, im just a blogger JUST ruining the name of dancers in singapore. In fact as if im a dancer, I will never want to associate myself with these kids. And can someone give RJ a dictionary. the way...what the PROs are doing to him is online bullying...please take note...

To the PROs...STOP WHINING n start ACTING LIKE ONE n GIVE HIM A BREAK...n to RJ seriously brush up your english ok...

Cheers...btw i will be rooting for fairy tale....

Details of the Dance Battle
Date: 28 june (Friday)
Location: Zouk
Time: 2345-12ish


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haze Haze Haze...

Here we are again....well the Haze has given me lots of time now to put up a post...wahaha....Anyway, it has been a rising concern over the week with soaring PSI which stands for Pollutant Standard Index or i prefer this...Please Stay Indoors...and many more...

With the index breaking records day after day, from 321 to 371 to 390 to 400 n to 401 (is there a difference?)..many raised concern on the stop work issue, and many also asked is the index best served as a 3hr average or 1hr update...and of course the relevant authorities can come up with proper guildlines to let us follow? Till today, after 6days of suffering i still unsure of what exactly the measure the govt is coming up with regarding the unwanted people between 19-64. Of course control of N95 mask.

Ok lets visit the index first...well I think the 3hrs average is good as it is to prevent any panic within the small nation of Singapore..but as now the situation had already worsen to the extend that there is already a panic, why cant you guys just release the actual hourly index? Like currently as Im typing, the sky outside my room is like super clear...and PSI stands at 263. Thus is it the best? And when the haze was bad, visibility drops to 50m or slightly more, the index is only 100odd, it kind of give people the false sense of security. What if 1st hour is 50,2nd hour is 50, then out of the blue jump to 200, the average 3hr reading is 100 shown, so is it unhealthy or super unhealty? If you guys want your stand it is fine..but is it good to release 2 readings (not 3hrs n 24hrs) instead? Or is the figure too high? Anyway we arent stupid people we know the figure is indeed way higher then what we see so please, dont fool us, we arent stupid. But which is worst? Irregardless of human life, or a nationwide panic(which we are already kind of in it)...I let you choose...

Now the stop work issue. Well the index had tip the bar not once, not twice but four times. Many are concern about the health issues that may arise from it. Especially those working in the outdoors. Special mentions to McDonalds, KFC, Pastamania, Pizza Hut, and many more delivery service that had stopped their service due to haze. Good Job guys. But now, how about the rest of Singapore? What is working in outdoor? Does it mean you have a roof over your head, with the doors open wide, means you are working indoors? What is the standard? To me, places with natural ventilation irregardless you have a shelter over your head should be considered outdoor conditions.The govt can issue advisory, which I do agree that they cant issue a stop all work order, as many of us have different work scope, and different working environment. But can you guys issue a stop work order, to places like shipyards, or industrial companies with natural ventilation, when the readings spike? It kind of break my heart to see bangalas working when the PSI is like 401. Mind you 401. All because they have a n95 mask n it is alright to work? Come On, they are humans too. I do understand the stop work order will force the not so alive economy to take a dip. But money more impt the human life? Or the other way around? Another special mention to childcares, many childcares centre face the issue of shutting down or not to shutdown due to haze. But they arent, why? Becoz the authorities said it HAS TO COME DOWN FROM dear ministers CAN YOU GUYS LOOK INTO IT..? School will not reopen if haze carry WHAT ABOUT CHILD CARE..? Sorry to all working parents, but it is important that your kids stay indoor as long as possible.

Good Job Govt for providing the health care to kids n elderly, what about the in betweens? Are we outcast? I do agree that the in betweens are slightly or more FIT people, according to the "world standards" but with constant junk food, irregular working hours, stress over populations n PSI, n shock (for discovering our govt throwing smoke bomb at us<>) do you think we are that fit now? All human fall sick regardless of age, shape, size, n sex. A 56 years old guy may not be as fit as a 65 year old guy. I personally know a guy who can do marathons in 4hrs plus and he is inching 70. And i know people who are in the 30-40s that cant even finish 2.4km. So is the 70 fitter then the 30-40s? Or the other way around? What do you think? (ok correction the unwanted people...u r wanted now..i when to see doctors today n it is haze only pay $10 for it...citizens ONLY)

Oooo..N95 mask....not Nokia N95 people...when haze first hit....the sales of mask went up...thus making lots of places jacking up the prices...what $75 for a box of 20 @ Watsons??? Goodness...daylight robbery? Well it is call supply n demand...nothing much im going to comment on this...but hey...arent these mask from MOH..? So why are you selling THAT STEEP...did MOH SELL u guys..? I dont know...u think lor...

But at least the govt is doing something about the needy who most probably cant afford the sky high providing for them is good. But cant u guys do it earlier? By doing it so late means that you guys arent prepared for it. Which leads me to another question...Is our govt prepared for disasters..? Years ago we had the PONDING issues, now we have haze...seems that we are kind of ill-equipped...or NOT prepared to tackle these issues until it arises, then the blame game will start...the NNP giving mask in potong pasir...compared to my minister talking...n blaming this blaming that...can we look into the more pressing issues..the welfare of your people...n not wear nice nice....n say something...have you ever heard of empty vessel makes the MOST NOISE...Which is more pressing at the moment..? Health...or answer my questions..? You answer my questions late one will dont settle the health care problem...u die, I die, everybody die...So my minister cant even prioritise which is MORE what for i pay him millions A year..? I let you do the thinking ok...Cheers...enjoy the hazeless sky while we can....appreciate things we take for granted...take care....STAY INDOORS......